About us

The Go To Market Company was born from an idea of a team of Senior Professionals, who have been working for over 20 years in the Technology and Information Communication industry.

We have found on our professional path, many small and medium sized companies as well as young start-ups, struggling to grow their International Sales across the EMEA and Global territories due to the initial high set up cost and considerable length of time. Cost and time due also to the difficulties in finding the right talent where needed, advancing exorbitant investments with an uncertain return.

This is the main reason why we have created The Go To Market Company.

We want to help Senior Professionals unleash their strengths in a different way. No longer as employees but as entrepreneurs who will help companies sell their products and solutions to their established network of customers and resellers.

We want to help companies and especially start up to reduce their time to market by accessing a virtual international sales network of undisputed senior professionals with the right contacts in the desired geographies, reducing considerably their fixed costs and transforming it in a percentage of their revenues.

The Go To Market Company is a place where Companies and Professionals engage and disrupt the boundaries of business as we once knew it.

The power of an already existing and tested network

Launching a new product, conquering a new market, competing in a foreign country, are challenges that require local knowledge, networking ability and familiarity with bureaucracy.

Being able to rely on the experience of a Senior Professional with the right contacts and an already existing network, accelerates market penetration, reducing significantly time to market and increasing the efficiency of the operation while achieving the desired targets.

The best place to find senior professionals

Our unique combination of experience and skills in Sales, Marketing, Management and HR, position us as a formidable opportunity for Senior Sales and Marketing Professionals seeking new challenges and companies that wish to expand their Sales reach in EMEA.

The website has a powerful proprietary algorithm, that analyses the professional’s profile and matches it with requests coming from companies in order to find the best solution for both.