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Danilo Rivalta


CEO of FINIX Technology Solutions Spa. As Founder of The Go To Market Company he inspired the basic idea of International Markets Development for young Startups through a network of Senior Sales Professionals based in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. This mission was successfully delivered in his roles as a Senior Vice President in the Italian Tas Group Fintech; Vice President of Sales South Central East EMEA in BMC Software, where he managed sales in 19 countries; CEO of Hal Knowledge Solutions (Now Microfocus); Vice President of Marketing and Business Development EMEA for Diebold Inc; and as Western Europe General Manager for Euronet Wordwide. He was also Vice President Sales / Sales Manager for the Bassilichi Spa Group (now Nexi) in 2014. Danilo is also actively working on the role of Evangelist for the use of Social Media for sales activities in the Digital / IT world, promoting the #SocialSelling approach methodology. He also covers the role of President of Mad4mobile sagl, a Swiss company active in the distribution of Mobile Marketing.

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Thomas Andrew Becker

Chief Talent Officer

30 years of experience in the Information & Communication Technologies sector, in particular as a Talent Manager at a global level. Over the past decade he has focused on Talent Acquisition and Talent Development of sales organizations, merger, and acquisitions projects. He holds the highest certified qualification with the prestigious Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), obtained in the United Kingdom. He lived and worked around Europe and the United States.
Co-founder of The Go To Market Company.

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Roberto Lorenzon


Working for over 35 years in Unicredit Group – a leading European Financial Institution – Roberto has acquired a steady international experience in high growth geographies in several countries. He has gained key knowledge of Corporate and Transactional Banking in his roles as an Executive Manager and Vice President in Italy, UK, Spain, Turkey, Russia, and Serbia. In 2016 he began his entrepreneurial work setting up a management consulting company. He served as CEO in a consumer leading financial institution in Romania and eventually became one of the founders of The Go To Market Company, now CEO and CFO. He has been a Board Member of the Italian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce.

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Raffaele Rubinacci

Senior Vice President
Executive Board Member

More than 40 years of experience in the information technology and services industry. Expert in business planning, business development, and sales network management. Worked as CEO of Softlab S.p.a. for 15 years and Executive Board Member of Softlab Middle East based in Saudi Arabia. Also worked as System Engineer and Sales Manager of Alitalia S.p.A. Currently Owner and CEO of Ringclose, and Senior Vice President and Executive Board Member of TGTMC as Chief of Digital Transformation and IT Services Unit.

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Digital transformation


Bettina Amelia Christa Giordani

Senior Vice President
Executive Board Member

More than 30 years of experience in a number of international IT companies (IBM, Computer Associates, BMC Software, Sun Microsystem, Oracle), growing into Senior Executive Leadership roles after many years in sales positions in Italy first, then in Best Practices Roles for Europe and South Africa. Experienced as CEO, General Manager and Sales Director managing up to 300 people. In 2011 Bettina started her own business and consultancy company. Now she is self-employed and offers part of her time to social and nonprofit organizations. Thanks to her skills and her natural attitude to leadership she is highly active as Business Advocacy and Execution Consultant for Small Medium Companies and Startups. Board member and Senior Business Consultant in The Go to Market Company. Board member in the Italian Federation of Business and Professional Women (FIDAPA) Club in Rome.

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Francesca Nestola

Chief Digital Officer
Executive Board Member

More than 15 years of experience in digital communication, advertising and new media - in particular as Digital Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Production Manager and Social Media Manager. Over the last years she has focused on marketing skills to support the sales networks, more specifically by developing in-depth analysis, identifying and creating products for the digital market. Following her degree in Industrial Design at the Politecnico of Milan as Communication Design, she has worked in Marketing after a post graduate Master in SDA Bocconi. Francesca combines intuitions about new products with strategic vision and results-oriented approach. With a long-lasting passion for the world of digital startups, she came onboard The Go To Market Company in 2018 as Chief Digital Officer and Executive Board Member.

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Digital Strategy

Giovanni Strapazzon

Executive Search Director

A broad international experience across Industries and Functions. Experienced in several international Companies in Auditing & Consulting, Publishing & Printing, Pharmaceutical and Executive Research. Increasing responsibilities in auditing, industrial controlling, and HR leading to his role of global HR Director. Currently Director of Stanton Chase Italy, an Executive Research Consultancy Company. C-Level Advisor

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HR Talent

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