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Be a Better Salesman Knowing These 10 Expert Tips

We all know those people that can sell a cape to Superman. You probably wondered how on Earth do they do that, do they have superpowers or a talent they’re born with - you’ll be relieved to know that there are tested formulas that can improve anyone’s selling skills and that can help you crush your quotas. So, If you’ve been wondering how to become a better salesman you’ll probably find this article helpful since we’re gonna go through all the best tips to help you become your sales team MVP.
29 Jun 2018

25 Hottest UK Startups - 2018 (London, Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge)

The UK startup scene is developing fast - every week there are new tech companies open across the island, even though the traditional entrepreneurial scene is slowing down in recent years. All the biggest cities in the UK are becoming plantations of successful tech businesses - the tech revolution seems to be the new punk.
28 Jun 2018

Best Places to Set Up a Sales Company in the EMEA

If the world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to fast communications, the territory of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) is still a pretty big place! There are many new opportunities in this region just waiting for a savvy entrepreneur setting up a second career with a sales company in this region. But where are the best places?
25 Jun 2018

How to Switch from Sales Rep to Independent Agent in 5 Easy Steps

If you are a good sales exec and have a long track record, you might think about a second career as an independent sales agent. Setting up your own agency is a proven way to increase your income, recession-proof your career, and be your own boss!
19 Jun 2018