10 Must-Read Blogs for Sales Professionals



There is no shortage of “lists of best blogs for sales” which purport to be great sales advice. A lot of it, however, turns out to be just self-promotion.


In addition to the many books about sales that have been published, some of these blogs bring a lot of value too. We have looked at what is out there and put together a list of 10 websites that have actual, usable advice that can be applied to real sales situations in which you find yourself, how to improve your techniques, or new innovations you may have missed.



Sales Pop!


Why follow it?

POP stands for “Purveyors Of Prosperity,” and this blog is meant to help sales professionals deal with the ever-changing world presented by internet-driven technology, e-commerce, and digital sales. Their insights on the evolution of sales can be useful in learning how to adapt to new tech in your sales careers


Who’s it for?

Entrepreneurs, sales people, IT sales professionals


Post Frequency: Daily


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8 Proven Ways Sales People Can Avoid Extinction
How to stay relevant, keep up to speed, and stay in demand in your sales job

The Network Selling Model

Using networking to boost your sales efficiency and stay ahead of the game.



Sales Gravy


Why follow it?

Sales Gravy gives a lot of interesting views about the life of a sales professional, including many blogs giving advice on how to get more out of your efforts. Sales Gravy has a large offering of available jobs, online learning, and opportunities to advance a sales career. The blog articles are both practical and entertaining!


Who’s it for?

Sales managers, sales professionals, and recruiters


Post Frequency: Unscheduled


Don’t Miss Reading –

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Win Sales By Listening!

“Listening is not only a skill; it’s a habit of good communication. Listening is the key to mutual understanding, which forms the basis for successful business and personal relationships.”

Don’t Waste a Perfectly Good Crisis

Discusses ways to act and react when the economy is determined to undermine even the best sales careers!





Why follow it?

Hubspot is consistently listed as a top blog for sales and sales related issues. This site offers a wide range of different subjects related to sales and selling, but also to issues for entrepreneurs, fund-raising, and sales management. Hubspot offers advice from experts and does surveys and field work to see what "real" salespeople are doing and saying.


Who’s it for?

Salespeople, sales managers, and sales executives


Post Frequency: Daily


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21 Salespeople Reveal the Worst Sales Advice They Ever Got

Interviews with real sales professionals and debunking many myths and misconceptions people have about sales.

Why Sales Is the Best First Job

The CEO of Ideal.com gives his view about why sales is the best place to start your career, what you learn from sales, and the opportunities it opens up.



Heinz Marketing


Why follow it?

This is a great source of insights and information for B2B sales and marketing. Blogs are published 3 or 4 times a week and each one brings something new with specific perspectives on sales for the B2B environment. Heinz Marketing president, Matt Heinz also has a weekly blog about new apps.


Who’s it for?

B2B sales managers, executives


Post Frequency: 3-4/week


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The science and impact of timing: Four lessons from Daniel Pink

A review of Daniel Pink’s new book When about timing and sales.

Must blogs be well written? 5 best practices for B2B blogging success





Why follow it?

Quark’s Docurated offers solutions that help sales reps surface the best available content within the context of deals. Their blog is packed with tips to help you accelerate your company’s sales and marketing efforts.


Who’s it for?

Sales professionals, brand managers, marketing executives


Post frequency:  Unscheduled


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7 Steps to Developing a Challenger Sales Model

Sales challengers are sales professionals that use their deep knowledge of their customers’ business to disrupt their thinking and take command of the sales conversation.

50 Top Sales Pitch Ideas

Great advice for improving your sales presentations. 50 ideas and examples from real pitches.



Sales for Life


Why follow it?

A good and useful blog about emerging best practices, strategies and insights on B2B sales today, dedicated to modern sales organizations. Sales for Life focuses on real-life situations and augments its insights and opinions with well-sourced market data.


Who’s it for?

CEOS, directors, B2B sales professionals


Post Frequency: 3-4/week


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How EMEA Sellers Are Driving Exceptional Sales Pipeline with Digital Sales

A view of creating lucrative sales pipelines in the EMEA region by use of techniques from digital sales and marketing.

3-Minute Call Prep Best Practices – Strategic Ideas

Good advice on using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and making the most of a limited time to pitch your sale.


Learn more about launching products in the EMEA here.



The Sales Blog


Why follow it?

Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, author, sales leader, and entrepreneur. The Sales Blog is his daily chronicle of thoughts and experiences in his career as a successful sale professional.


Who’s it for?

CEOS, directors, sales professionals, marketing managers


Post Frequency: Daily


Don’t Miss Reading

Without a Sales Leader

“You can try to run a sales organization without a sales leader, but you will never generate the results you are capable of without one.”

It Matters How You Lose

“If you lose, you want to be remembered in such a way that causes the clients to say, ‘We should have gone with them. I liked them the most the entire time. We made a mistake.’ ”



Funnel Clarity


Why follow it?

The blogs by Funnel Clarity focus on inside sales. The site was set up 10 years ago by an entrepreneur and a sales leader and coach who left their jobs at a corporate sales training firm to set up a site focused on the needs of sales professionals.


Who’s it for?

Sales personnel, Sales managers, Inside salespeople, entrepreneurs


Post Frequency: Monthly


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Four Steps to Trust Your Sales Forecast

About making accurate and reliable sales forecasts quickly and easily

Inside Sales Time Management

Takes a look at the typical day in an efficient Business Development Associate and how time can be managed with very little effort



Closer IQ


Why follow it?

This is a great source of sales strategies and original content written by real practitioners. It covers best practices in sales hiring, the latest Account Based Sales Development tactics, and much more.


Who’s it for?

Sales managers, HR managers


Post Frequency: Weekly


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8 Personalization Strategies for Boosting Sales

“For modern customers, there's almost always more than one option when it comes to making a purchase. That makes it even harder for sales teams to close deals. But when customers are inundated with countless messages every day,

personalization can help.”

7 Tips for Change Management in Sales Organizations

When companies change, grow and merge, change management is vital. But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s any less stressful when big changes come up. Change, however, doesn’t have to be catastrophic for team morale and productivity.



Grant Cardone


Why follow it?

Grant Cardone is a leader and prolific writer on the subject of sales and sales strategy. In his blog, he writes about leadership, the economy, small business, retail sales, and employment, plus much more.


Who’s it for?

Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Sales managers, Sales professionals


Post Frequency: Daily


Don’t Miss Reading

Don’t Be a Discount Version of Yourself

Cardone talks about how to be your “real” self and your best self in sales situations.

The Best Career Moves for All Ages

Career advice for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s


11 More Great Sales Blogs


  1. The Sales Leader

  2. Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies

  3. Sandler Training Blog

  4. LinkedIn Sales Blog


Extra: Is Your LinkedIn Profile all it can be?


  1. 5 Problems with Predictable Revenue 

  2. 10 Reasons Salespeople Fail 

  3. Don Draper's Four Rules of Selling 

  4. If SaaS Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales? 


Extra: Improve your sales with good segmentation!


  1. Pipedrive Sales Blog

  2. For Entrepreneurs 

  3. ToutApp


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