25 Hottest UK Startups - 2018 (London, Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge)

The UK startup scene is developing fast - every week there are new tech companies open across the island, even though the traditional entrepreneurial scene is slowing down in recent years. All the biggest cities in the UK are becoming plantations of successful tech businesses - the tech revolution seems to be the new punk.


We made this comprehensive guide through the top UK startups 2018 that are based in cities like London, Manchester, Bristol and Cambridge.



Let’s start listing successful UK startups with those based in the capital. London is known as the “startup capital” of Europe and it is estimated that a whopping 80 startups are founded EACH HOUR.

Businessmen across the globe are coming to London to partake in amazing opportunities for accelerators, mentoring relationships and reaching the best tech talent.


So let’s see the 10 best tech startups in London!



We all know how tedious the house-buying process is, but where we saw an enormous hassle, the guys from Nested saw an opportunity. So, this is the deal - you want to sell your old home and buy a new one. They will give 95 percent of your home's value so that you can buy a new place before you sell the old one - actually, they’re gonna sell it and they promise to do so in 90 days. They raised 36 million £ just this year and they plan to expand across the UK.


While not being really the most revolutionary idea, Deliveroo is a unicorn startup whose total value is now 2 billion. What they do is they bring food from your favorite restaurant in just 32 minutes (yes, 32 minutes in London).



While most of us know how important blockchain is in 2018, most of us just care about making money on bitcoin or maybe not losing on crypto. Jaak saw an amazing idea in blockchain technology - they want to simplify the distribution of media/music. They’re building a blockchain network that will allow media and music industries to collaborate on content ownership and rights. This idea could really change the game!



Marshmallow is a startup whose idea is to enable expats in the UK to get car insurance. The thing is, if you’ve moved to a new country and tried to get car insurance you’ll quickly note that your track records now have zilch value for your car premium - Marshmallow has a revolutionary InsureTech idea that will change that. They accept foreign “no-claims” bonuses for fresh off the boat drivers.


Watch out for this startup!



If you travel a lot, you know what a hassle is to carry your luggage or heavy bags around town. CityStasher aims to change this by providing you safe places like hotels and shops where you can drop of your bags for a day for 6£. TechCrunch already named them the AirBnB of luggage and have raised a north of 1 million.



A security company created to monitor app vulnerabilities is now used by giants such as Asos, Google and The New York Times. Their total equity funding has reached 10 million.



What they do is not easy for the average Joe to understand, but let’s try. OxSyBio devotes their time to develop 3D printing techniques to produce a variety of tissue-like and functional tissues for medical research and clinical applications. Ok, now let’s pretend we understand and go on to say that their total equity funding has exceeded 10 million £.



This asset management startup provides immutable ledger for diamond ownership and related transaction history verification. They almost reached 11 million £ by including new technology like blockchain, smart contracts, and machine vision to reduce risk and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplaces.



A collaborative company building state of the art new AR and robotics that has even ventured in self-driving cars. Total equity funding is already 17 million £! They’ve received investment from Google Ventures of an astounding 14.5 million. It works on the premise of shared augmented reality.



Although they’ve received almost 30 million so far, Gousto is still expected to grow. They also work on the premise that no one has the time to shop for groceries to prepare a nice home cooked meal, only that unlike Deliveroo, they don’t get you the meal, they get you the groceries packed in a nice food box. You say how many people is your meal supposed to feed, they offer you recipes, you pick one and they send you the supplies. Pretty neat, huh?




Manchester was one of the leaders of industrialization in the 19th century and this city has made sure not to miss out on the new tech revolution going on right now. In 2017, Manchester startup incubator has had the fourth-highest digital turnover of a little under 5 billion. This city has brought us so many new, exciting and revolutionary things in the past, Joy Division and Morrisey to name a few, and is sure not to disappoint in the tech era as a new leader! These are Manchester’s most amazing startups!



This startup has created an amazing platform for machine vision, fixing the most difficult technical challenges by employing 80 of the world’s best scientists, developers, producers, and artists. They are renown for providing high-quality animation at an incredible speed, usually by analyzing the human face and they also provide a variety of data analysis products and services for partners. Cubic Motion’s clients include Activision and Sony and they’ve raised £20m in investment from NorthEdge.



We’ve all done it - got the flu, googled the symptoms and concluded we probably have lung cancer from smoking that cigarette 10 years ago. You know you’re supposed to see a doctor, but Google is so much more convenient! Push Doctor allows you to book an appointment and see a real doctor online in minutes and never go through that situation again. You can even get a prescription from them! They raised 26 million, so their total value now reached 30 million £. If you’re interested in seeing your Push Doctor, you can do so via desktop or via smartphone. They charge 20 £ for a 10-minute consultation.



This FinTech MVP has raised 11.4 million recently, which means it is now valued at 220 million £. Their protected VCode technology aims to revolutionize the way online transactions are made and it is now used to protect you against fraud from document verification, to unattended car park payment systems, end-to-end supply chain management, and interactive charitable giving transactions.



A startup that has really found a niche in the comparison sector helps individuals compare prices but also gives them loans, helps them get out of debt and choose the best insurance. They have recently received a 200 000 £ investment.



This Manchester-based startup has recently ranked in the top 100 of the Financial Times’ new list of Europe’s 1,000 fastest growing businesses - In Touch Networks came 86th in the overall ranking and 23rd in the UK. They offer matchmaking between top talent and with elite employers.




Bristol is home to one of the most amazing tech and startup ecosystems in the world right now, with many young companies with the potential to become household names in the near future. They are probably UK’s most productive digital cluster and Oracle picked Bristol to host one of its new global Startup Cloud Accelerators. Here are some startups you should watch out for, and if you want to know even more, check out tech spark Bristol!



Their IPU systems are designed to diminish the cost of accelerating AI applications in cloud and enterprise datacenters to boost the performance of training and inference by up to100x in comparison to the fastest systems today. Graphcore got almost 40 million £ in a Series C round led by Silicon Valley venture capital giant Sequoia.



This startup makes every reseller’s life so much easier - no more logging into a million stores. ZenStore automatically imports orders from multiple stores, you can even print shipping labels. Their help with will save a reseller from making many costly errors! They recently got £400,000 in a seed round led by Downing Ventures.



This startup produces intelligent, agile, mmWave products that allow accessible, multi-Gbit communications. Blu Wireless raised £12m in funding, which includes £10m venture round last year led by ARM.



A Bristol startup that has received 500K£ in funding provides solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, helping them to boost online interactions and engagement.



This startup is a leading developer and operator of low carbon electricity generation and storage projects. They deliver low carbon energy projects and services to large energy users and simple landowners. Green Hedge has already received 30 million £ in funding.



Known primarily for its educational institutions, Cambridge is quickly becoming a fast-developing tech and startup ecosystem. Knowledge breeds progress and Cambridge’s startup scene is the proof. Here are some of the most successful startups there.



A VC-backed startup that designed state of the art navigation and positioning software for smartphones, wearables, and autonomous vehicles has already received 4.4 £ in funding. Focal Point Positioning was founded in June 2015 and their aim was first to create a range of platforms that would improve the navigational and positioning systems on vehicles varying from submarines and Martian rovers. Instead, they decided to put three decades of knowledge to solve the problem of accurate positioning for smartphones and autonomous platforms indoors and out.



Another Cambridge-based startup based in 2015, Repositive is a startup that aims to speed up genetic diagnostics and research through efficient data access solutions by enabling you to access and even share human genomic data. Pretty cool! They’ve received 3.3 £ so far!



FiveAl is a startup that’s aiming to develop the best software for self-driving cars that allows for no driver involvement at all and that can be safe in the most complex urban environment. This startup promises that their software won’t need complex, large mapping to deliver the solution and will be cost-effective and safe. It comes as no surprise that these guys have already received 37.7 £ in investment.



This startup offers a complete online platform for primary and secondary schools that can be used by students, teachers, parents and even the school board. They provide schools with websites, learning platforms, communication tools, booking systems and many other things that schools usually need several channels to provide. eSchools aims to provide an all-in-one solution that will make access and information easier.



Can we just express our love for their idea? Patients know best is a safe data platform for moving patient medical data between settings, people, and connected devices. The startup was dubbed to be the leader in patient-controlled medical records in a Microsoft-sponsored report commissioned by the UK Department of Health.

The healthcare landscape is made of numerous sectors like hospitals, physicians' offices, home healthcare, pharma, government etc - giving the control to the patient is legally and practically the only way to fix this fragmentation problem in one swing and enable efficient, cost-effective health care. Patients Know best has received almost 8 million £ in funding!


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