AI Serving Marketing: become a Master Reseller for The Digital Box

The spread of the smartphone as the main web browsing tool is the driving force behind the radical change in marketing and communication logic in companies. Today, consumers are connected 24/7, have access to real-time product and service information and exchange views and opinions on brands through social networking.

Adapting to the new rules of the game and keeping pace with changing trends is not easy. Fortunately, technological innovation offers a helping hand to those who are bamboozled and offers, to those who know how to seize them, infinite possibilities for dominating the changes in progress.


What is it all about? In a nutshell: Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is the ability to solve problems, simulate cognitive processes and replicate human activity. In recent times, Artificial Intelligence has also been applied to Marketing, resulting in more than interesting implications.

The Advantages that can be gained by marketing professionals in terms of customer relations are exceptional.




The ChatBots: proactive virtual assistants that interact with users, giving them 24/7 support and learn more about customers as they converse with them. They may be integrated on Facebook Messenger and the main messaging apps, providing companies with a strong presence on Social Media and in every other channel, satisfying any request at any time.




Speaking about Social Media, it is now clear to everyone that today marketing cannot ignore careful and stimulating communication on the main virtual markets. Here too, Artificial Intelligence is playing a key role, holding out its hand to Social Media Managers with Software for facilitating job tasks thanks to semantic engines that search for the most relevant content, selecting and organising it and displaying results automatically.

Ultimately, artificial intelligence seems to have all it takes to become the Marketeers' best ally and, generally speaking, simplifying the job of any professional, regardless regardless of the type of business. Indeed, according to Accenture, AI-related technologies could even increase profitability rate by 59% in the wholesale and retail sector by 2035.


Become a Master Reseller for The Digital Box


The Digital Box, partner company of The Go To Market Company, is Artificial Intelligence serving marketing but also much more.

It has developed ADA, the most innovative platform for mobile marketing. ADA allows you to create, distribute and measure 100% Mobile-Friendly customised content campaigns.
It is an integrated suite, offering solutions ranging from ChatBots to Social Content, from Movietelling to Landing Pages and E-Mail Marketing and much, much more.

The Digital Box revolutionises the entire sales process, from the beginning of the relationship to loyalty over time.

It was created to design and develop powerful, reliable and digital platforms able to support business marketing goals and objectives in the Mobile Era.

The right time to become part of the future is now. The Digital Box is looking for Master Resellers, which will be entrusted with the goal of building a network of resellers for Digital & Mobile Marketing solutions in these countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway and Sweden.

Are you the person we are looking for? To find out more and, why not, apply as a Master Reseller candidate for The Digital Box, register now on The Go To Market Company.

AI Serving Marketing: become a Master Reseller for The Digital Box The go to Market Company