Cyber Security, when a problem becomes an opportunity

The continuous violations of the privacy of private individuals and companies is making Cyber Security more of a hot topic than ever, and is automatically creating the conditions for a strategic market with a rapid growth trend.

The outcry which followed the havoc wrecked by the violation of 500 million Yahoo accounts, and by WannaCry, a virus that struck over 200,000 computers in over 150 countries last May, is accompanied by some shocking statistics: only in the last 18 months, one attack in three has posed a real, serious risk to security.

Nothing new here: only a few years ago, John Chambers, now Executive Chairman of Cisco, stated that the problem was not so much about whether companies are at risk of attack, but whether they were already under attack.


Cyber Security, a problem for one and all


The possibility of connecting to wireless networks from different devices has left us more exposed to the threat of data intrusion.

This is a problem affecting both private individuals and large and small-scale companies, with the real risk that extremely confidential sensitive data, such as those related to bank accounts or protected by trade secrecy agreements, could be disclosed.


Cyber Security, an opportunity for innovative start-ups


A tricky question affecting private individuals and companies also presents a unique opportunity for growth for innovative start-ups.

It is no coincidence that the Cyber Security sector has already achieved a global turnover of almost 90 billion dollars. An exponential growth confirmed by the investments made on the start-ups operating in this field, which amount to over 1.5 billion dollars for the first half of 2017 only.

The other side of the coin for such a booming market is the ever increasing competition for the companies in the industry which intend to expand in new markets, and this is an even more urgent problem for start-ups. How to launch their products abroad?


The Go To Market Company as the ideal partner of Cyber Security start-ups


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Cyber Security, when a problem becomes an opportunity The go to Market Company