Get Noticed! LinkedIn Headline Examples that Shine!

Your LinkedIn headline is your most valuable asset, and searchers on LinkedIn will read and remember it if it is a great one!


What’s the difference between a good LinkedIn headline and a great one? The best LinkedIn profiles have strong, impactful, and dynamic headlines that make searchers want to read more. Having a good photo, a good LinkedIn summary, and a concise professional history are important, but it is the headline that hooks them! Your LinkedIn profile strength depends on it. The LinkedIn headlines that work are the ones that engage us, surprise us, or stand out in any way. In these LinkedIn headline examples, we will take you through some very effective ways to write LinkedIn headline examples for sales, headline examples for job seekers, and headline examples for students.


LinkedIn has become a premium reference for recruiters and for suppliers, but there are several LinkedIn alternatives out there as well. What they all have in common is that the huge importance of the headline. Let these LinkedIn headline tips guide you to getting noticed more and by the right people!

LinkedIn Headline Examples for Sales


Try this exercise. Open LinkedIn and run an open search for “Sales” and what you find may surprise you. Pages and pages of people whose headline simply says: Sales. If you are a recruiter or looking for someone who can help with your sales, what does this headline tell you? Nothing!



If you are in sales, you just missed your biggest opportunity to sell yourself on LinkedIn. The best headlines are the ones that tell you enough to entice you to know more. What kind of sales do you do? Are you good at it? Do you want advance? Do you have a specialty? The headline is a good place to expand on that. Just saying Sales doesn’t tell us nearly enough!


The Balance


When you are writing your headline, think to yourself – what do I want people to remember about me? Striking a balance between a straight job description, a professional goal or objective, and something personal is what you should be looking for. If you have been in sales, tell us what kind of sales –



This headline tells us a little more specifically about the kind of sales and it also says something about the person to – he is getting the job done. Check out these, for example –



What is the hook? Using an active verb like “selling” makes the first example stand out. The second one is specific about the kind of sales and where she is working. And in the third, we see a personal description. In all three, there is something a little extra for the user to remember when they open the profile. This is what we need in writing an effective and memorable headline.


When you are writing your headline, think about it as your chance to make an impression. You don’t want to be boring – but you also don’t want to be too clever either. A headline that reads –


Master of the Universe of Sales


- might seem a little too much for most recruiters. This is certainly a headline that will be remembered, but probably not in a good way. On the other hand, there is no need for modesty either. This is a place where you want people to see you and like what they see.



In this example, the person has used his experience as a key factor and he has been open about looking for something new.


Practical Tip: Think of three words. One for your current job. One for the job you would like. And one that says something good about you. Test these in combination and you will get a much more noticeable headline.


LinkedIn Headline Examples for Job Seekers


When you are looking for job there are only two possibilities: either you already have a job and want to change; or you are out of work and ready to start.



Seeing a headline like this probably has the opposite effect on recruiters than you might be seeking. If the goal is to get a new job, this is the place to tell people what you want to do and what you can do. Here are a few more effective headline examples:



This person tells us what they have studied and what they are looking for. It is direct and to the point.



In this case, she already has a job, but she is communicating through her headline that she has an area of specialty and could be open to new offers (by not mentioning the company name).


When you are a job seeker, your headline will help put your best foot forward. You can describe yourself as


  • Seeking a New Challenge

  • Looking for Opportunities, or

  • Ready to Help Boost Your Sales


This last one might seem a little daring, but who would not remember that? It shows enthusiasm and confidence! Any edge you can use to show yourself as just a little better than the average unemployed person will help!


There is a fear factor in publishing a headline like this on LinkedIn. You might feel like it limits your options. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you are looking for a job in marketing, for example, maybe a recruiter for an ad agency might see it and contact you anyway. Also, never forget that you can change your headline whenever you want.


Practical Tip: Write yourself a short paragraph that tells about what kind of job you want to do and why you are qualified to do it. Then pick out a few words and compress them into a headline.


LinkedIn Headline Examples for Students


Students are not like other job seekers. Students are getting ready to join the market and exploring areas that interest them. As a forum for professionals and business people, LinkedIn offers a lot to students who are aware of its potential. In this way, having a great LinkedIn headline is perhaps most important of all to students.


The best student headlines include where they are studying, the subject and an idea of what they would like to do. The actual name of the school is not needed; LinkedIn lists it immediately below the headline. However, if you are in a specific program or faculty, this could be mentioned. Have a look at these examples for a better idea –



These three examples show three different strategies. In the first, we see that the student is studying economics and psychology – this is already a distinction from others who neglect to mention their subjects. In the second, we see a student who is doing an internship at CERN. CERN being a prestigious organization in the sciences, this headline is strong as it stands. And in the third, we see a less distinctive approach. The faculty is listed but we do not know what she is studying. The first two set up the students to field requests or job offers in that they have announced their clear direction.


The third one is different. By leaving her actual subject out, she may be in a good position to begin networking with others who have been in that faculty or other similar ones. Networking is one of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn and therefore it is a useful approach.



In these two, we see slightly different tactics. The top one shows an older student and looking at the headline we know exactly what he is doing: Executive MBS Candidate. We also know he is in a good school. The two combine to catch the attention of recruiters and HR managers. In the second, we have a student at a well-respected university. This speaks to her qualifications and work ethic – both of which must be top flight for her to enter Cambridge.


In each of these examples, we are given additional information beyond the mere status of Student and therefore at least one reason to remember them. But what if you are not in a great school? What if you do not know what your major is going to be yet? There are other ways to distinguish yourself  by adding some of your activities, as long as they are relevant to work.


  • Active in Student Government

  • Editor of Student Newspaper

  • National Honor Society

  • Social Club Organizer


There will always be some activity that can be turned into an asset. Even the social club organizer – which may just be another way to say “party animal” – shows a high degree of socialization that companies can appreciate.

LinkedIn Headline Tips


We have seen some examples of headlines for sales, for job seekers, and for students, but there are a few guidelines that will be helpful to everyone.


  • Be truthful – lies and exaggerations will be found out

  • Be creative – this is your space to describe yourself

  • Be concise – you don’t need 1000 words to paint your picture!

  • Be specific (if you can)

  • Be descriptive – avoid one-word headlines like “Sales”, “Unemployed”, or “Student”.

  • And finally, be sincere – your LinkedIn profile is your ambassador to the world so make sure it radiates with your personality and sincerity.


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