How different generations can join forces and be successful

When it comes to work, but not only that, and we think about the diversity of people often the aspects we tend to consider are race, ethnic group, sex, religion and culture.

But there is another, invisible barrier that places people on different levels and can sometimes generate contrasts. We’re talking about generational diversity, a gap widened by the digital revolution that has changed the world.

Of course, generational conflicts have always existed. But one of the elements that has increased the possibility of contrasts occurring is the particularly complex employment market with which we have all - the young and the not so young- had to get to grips over the last few years, and which has led to the insurgence of phenomena such as Age discrimination.


Generations compared


Which generations are we talking about?

  • Baby boomers. Those born between 1946 and the mid ‘60s tend to have a sound work ethic and a stronger belief in personal growth, hard work and equal rights than others.
  • Generation X. This is the biggest segment of today’s working population and it is composed of those born between 1965 and 1980. Compared with the previous generation, its members have more of an open mind when it comes to diversity. They are often perceived as being extremely productive, if not workaholics.
  • Generation Y or the Millennials. This is the generation of those born in the digital age and it includes those with birthdays between 1980 and 2000. The Millennials are masters of multitasking, do not tolerate hierarchies well and seek a good life-work balance. They adore rapid communication via chat.


Overcoming the generational diversities to secure success


Learning to overcome age differences in the working world is a powerful element of growth for everyone, a true added value that can turn out to be particularly strategic.

But what can we do to bring worlds that appear to be galaxies apart closer together?

Senior professionals need to adapt to a world that is now very different from the one in which they started out and refresh their skills in the digital and social areas to bridge the technological gap with the newest generations. The Go To Market Company recommends that they adopt a new mentality, geared to embrace an entrepreneurial approach to their business in the field of Sales&Marketing.

On the other hand, young businessmen and women have a unique opportunity, that they often know nothing about: their innovative start-ups in the Information Technology field, often established in trend-driven sectors such as Cyber Security can benefit from the experience and contacts of senior sales professionals to help them extend their business in new markets, reducing the time to international revenues.

The Go To Market Company is the generational bridge between professionals of different ages who share a common interest: selling and establishing themselves. Register with your company to choose the ideal senior sales professional for your business goals from our large database.

How different generations can join forces and be successful The go to Market Company