How to find a Startup to work for

We all dreamed of leaving the traditional corporate world and working for a great startup that turns out to be the next Uber or Airbnb.

The truth is not all startups will reach such great heights and unfortunately startup jobs are not the easiest jobs to land or even look for, since startups often don’t employ more than just a few people and you won’t always find a job offer just blatantly out there in the job postings.

You will have to roll down your sleeves a lot more than that, but the reward can be astounding.

So, how do you even dive in it?

A lot of new startups don’t ever post job ads and the reasons are several, with the most common being that they lack the funds necessary to advertise often. Many startup entrepreneurs just prefer to hire people through their connections, since that way they will find someone who is already acquainted with how startups really work.

So, if you really want to work for a startup, forget about just sending out resumes and cover letters - finding a startup job is really mostly about networking, so you might have to try much harder than when you are looking for a traditional job.

This may sound a little discouraging, but it really shouldn’t be, since when you least expect it, your connections will land you the startup job you are lusting after!



In person or better yet through social media - ask around! You might consider writing a really cool tweet or status saying you’re in the hunt for that perfect startup job.

While this tip sounds slightly naive perhaps, you never know which one of your friends/followers will actually know someone hiring in this increasingly popular field, or will just retweet and find someone else that does.

Make it clear what you want your role to be and this little hack way may lead you to your perfect job in that perfect lazy bag!



If you fear that all startup events are reserved for the Silicon Valley or NYC and you think there is nothing happening in your area, you will be incredibly surprised - just google your location and add “startup events”. You will find something scheduled for sure! Just stay informed and visit as many startup events you possibly can, in fact, fill up most of your calendar with them. Eventually you will be introduced to someone hiring - just stay focused on your goal.

Another option is looking for startup events on Meetup.



As you visit more startup events, you will be introduced to many startup professionals - even if they are not hiring, befriend them. Spending time with them will introduce you the game and you will keep posted about people hiring, skills that are popular right now, where not to work and what to expect. Try to get acquainted with a circle of great startup recruiters. Being connected to a good recruiter will definitely help you land that startup dream job.



After you find startups in your area, you could contact them directly. Tell the owners of the startup why you’re passionate about their startup, how you would benefit the company through your devoted work and ideas, what segment you could potentially improve… All company owners love hiring people who are really passionate about their company in particular, and startup owners are no different here. Study their startup thoroughly and with attention to detail, and you will for sure come up with a game changing idea that will land you an interview.



With time, more and more startup recruiters use some websites when looking for employees, and you should register with each and everyone of them.


We will list some of them.


  • AngelList
    The most important one is definitely AngelList - through AngelList, you can find a huge network of startups and startup recruiters and contact them. It’s the LinkedIn of the startup world,  so through it startups and startup recruiters might contact you.
  • AngelPad
    Most of the 130 AngelPad portfolio companies are San Francisco or New York based, but they do offer jobs in any and every startup field.
    With their slogan being “We believe in great founders, we help them thrive”, they’ve pretty much said it all. If you join their constantly growing community of startup founders, investors and mentors, you will eventually land your coveted startup job.
  • AuthenticJobs
    AthenticJobs is a job board devoted to designers, hackers and creative pros, in their own words. So wether you are a database architect or a front-end web developer,  Authentic Jobs has the job posting you would be perfect for.
  • HireArt
    A website devoted to a specific audience, HireArt is great for those who want to find startup work. They cater to a community of sales, business development, customer relations and marketing professionals, so if that’s you, definitely head out to their website and register.
    They’ve been featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
  • JoinStartups
    Unfortunately, JoinStartups is exclusive to San Fran and the Big Apple, but if you live in any of the two cities, JoinStartups will be perfect for you. They offer jobs in almost any imaginable branch.
  • CrunchBoard
    It should come as no surprise that Crunch Board has a job board, considering TechCrunch’s popularity with most of startups world-wide.


Make your profiles on these networks as detailed, up-to-date as possible to stand out from the growing competition, listing all your skills, experience, strengths and knowledge, possibly making a rich resume so that employers are instantly drawn to you. Don’t forget to contact the startups that interest you and tell them why you want to work with them (really, really focus on the why). Success is always one percent inspiration and ninety-nine perspiration so be ready to roll your sleeves! AngelList is a great place to start!



It is very important to take some time and asses a startup before you decide to just quit your current job and start working for a startup company.

While it is true that a lot of startups will eventually fail, that failing is a badge of honor in the industry and it isn’t even seen as big deal as long as you fail better next time and succeed over time, one should not necessarily seek out to fail.

Not all startups are created equal and your goal is to find one that has the potential to become a household name or just financially successful. Try to learn as much about the startup through the startup recruiter or startup website and assess the potential of the company. The best startups are those who aim high, so that they have a high reward potential, or in the worst case scenario, if they fail, you still learn from the experience.



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