How to shorten your time to revenues for a faster international growth

It doesn’t matter where your business is based or how big your local market may be. There’s a whole wide world out there with billions of potential customers and users. An opportunity that is huge, but also extremely taxing. One that can be terrifying due to the enormous effort required, both from an economic point of view and in terms of finding the right sales professionals to select and engage.

When faced with such a complex process, it therefore becomes essential to ask ourselves whether we can shorten our time to revenues, and so expand more quickly on an international level. This is quite a challenge, if we consider the extent to which expanding abroad is not only a necessary, natural choice, but also a remunerative requirement, in particular for those companies operating in the Information Technology industry.


Shortening the time to international revenues


OK, so you’ve decided to penetrate new markets with your product, your company is ready to expand commercially and you want to shorten your time to international revenues as much as possible.

A tall order? It doesn’t have to be.

What you need is a sales professional who knows the country in which you want to develop inside out, and who can offer you the opportunity to reach a customer base that is already consolidated. This way you can limit the fixed costs linked to the creation of a direct sales force and instantly begin selling your product while considerably reducing your costs, by applying a success fee system tied to revenue growth.

To put it simply, your costs become variable and you begin earning faster.

It’s not just a matter of economics. A senior sales professional who has been active for some time in a certain country and a specific sector, not only knows the right buyers to contact and how to find and engage other sellers, but also has the right experience and contacts required to manage the local bureaucracy. Indeed, this can be an extremely tricky area and, if underestimated or neglected, it can potentially be the source of legal problems or an unforeseen increase in the time-to-market.


International growth for start-ups too


But it’s not always so easy to find the ideal senior sales professional, with all the right characteristics. This is why we have built the largest network using a unique technology that brings together professional sales experts and companies, creating quality contacts that produce lasting results.

The Go To Market Company was conceived with this very purpose in mind, also sparing more than a thought for the category of businesses that is more prone to encountering difficulties when attempting to expand abroad: start-ups, to which we have reserved a series of tailor-made services.

Start growing internationally now, join us!

How to shorten your time to revenues for a faster international growth The go to Market Company