How To Write a Cover Letter For IT Sales Professionals

Wondering how to write that perfect cover letter when you’re an IT sales executive? Read our comprehensive guide through the anatomy of that one cover letter that makes all the difference.

Did you know that writing a perfect cover letter can really increase your odds for getting hired? I isn’t the easiest task, but If you make your IT sales professional cover letter concise, convincing, easy on the eyes and filled with factual successes you’ve had throughout your career and you mention traits that make you an adequate choice for the job, you will land an interview at least.

We understand it is not always easy to write a cover letter, especially for those who in general try not to talk about themselves too much. It is definitely not the most fun part of the job hunt in fact it can be a tedious task and you never know if you should humble-brag or if you should just be completely blunt …

In this article, we’ll offer a comprehensive guide through writing that perfect it sales professional cover letter. We believe that after reading it you will be perfectly set to write one that will launch you into new career success.

A cover letter is always regarded as a super-important part of your job application, but never so much like when applying for an IT sales job, or just a job in sales or marketing. Because your job is, after all, selling things, your IT sales cover letter needs to be a cold hard sell. How you sell yourself will be how they think you’ll sell the company, so you better do a good job.

Don’t be afraid being a little bit out there and talk yourself up, since in the end, that ability could decide if you’re going to get the interview or not.


This would be the anatomy of a perfect IT sales professional cover letter:


  • INTRO:

This should be just a general introduction where you will put a basic greeting and a few words about you,  for example:

“Ms Green,

I’m writing in regard to the open position for an IT sales professional. With 15 years of experience in the field and a goal-oriented personality, I truly believe confidently that I am a great candidate for the advertised position.”



Here, you should list your experience - but don’t list be afraid of listing your results as well. It is also important to note that one should only list RELEVANT experience.

“I am currently working as the Resale and Distribution director at Magnum Computers. During the 5 years I spent working for the company, I consistently grew sales by 15% each year. I also implemented a strategy for improving the business model for our top reseller and reached the 15m USD target.”

The more results you can list the better. It is also good to note that many employers don’t read cover letters thoroughly and making your IT sales professional cover letter visual can be of great assistance in landing the position. There are many great websites that offer cool, visual templates and cost next to nothing or are in some cases, even free. If your success is shown through graphs and pie charts, it will be much easier to keep the attention of whoever is reading, and also for your cover letter to stand out.

Mention your education as well and how it fits the job posting.


Here you are closing the cover letter, so offer a great punchline, or just a good silver lining. Study the company in depth, so that you can really think of a good reason why they should pick you -

“I see that as a new company, you have a lot of growing space in enterprise software sale - I think that through my naturally entrepreneurial, achievement oriented approach I could really help skyrocket the sales if you give me the privilege of working for your company. My skills and education, but also never-ending hunger for personal development and learning will make me a great asset to your company.”

Now, let’s go through all of this again, so that you feel confident and relaxed when writing your own IT sales  executive cover letter.

We will include two IT sales cover letter samples to help you get inspired.





23466 Gethired Lane

718 5556 000

Townsville, Maryland


Dear Mr. Goldberg,

I am writing regarding the advertised job posting for the position of IT sales executive. I think my skills, experience and education make me an adequate, if not perfect, candidate for your company. In search of the perfect career challenge and progression prospects, I think your company would allow me to broaden my horizons and put my skills to great use.

Just like my resume already suggests, I have 10 years of experience in the industry and I currently work on the position of the IT sales executive for Bestcoverletter computers. In the past 5 years, I’ve been directing the Added Value Reseller Operation, lucratively augmenting the distribution and sales of our software products through authorized resellers by 190% .

Prior to this, I worked for Hiremenow Software company, where I have implemented the strategy for improving business development and account implementation and have exceeded the 10m target.

I am confident that my knowledge, education, thrist to thrive and experience will help your company prosper (here you should add a company specific detail in where and how exactly you can help the company prosper, say, if you were applying for Samsung, you could say how your  skills and experience will help them sell more and better than Apple).

By hiring me, you would acquire a loyal, honest Sales Executive devoted to flourishing along with your amazing company.


Kind regards,

Margaret Jones





647334 Itsales Professional Lane

656 888 666

Coverlettersville, Coverletterland


Dear Ms Jonas,

I am writing this cover letter in regards to your job ad for which I would, considering my skills, education and experience, be perfect for. In search for a job at a company where my competitive spirit and ambition could really shine, I think I am the high-achieving, motivated Sales professional that will help your company thrive.

At my current job at Writeacoverletter computers, where I have been working for 10 years, I was the head of team responsible for revenue growth of 25 % in the last year, ensured customer satisfaction by establishing and maintaining professional business relationships, represented my company in industry and trade shows.

During my 20 years of experience in the industry, I have always made sure to update my knowledge and skills to stay current in a fast-pacing world and intend to continue doing so. I love to learn new things and expand the number and quality of skills.

I am ready to take on a new challenge and use my highly organized, competitive personality, years of experience and education - Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology to your company’s service and growth.



Will Taylor


We hope you now have the tools to write the best sales cover letter weather in general or sales executive cover letter that could help you land that coveted job and expand your horizons. When you write your own, take the time to do it right - look at it as a long-term career investment. Be confident and sell your expertise as if it were selling your future employer’s software.

Just relax, be confident and believe in yourself. Make sure to do the research of the company so you would really find your key strengths that company in particular can use. Mention some facts and numbers and don’t be afraid to use services of websites that help cover letter and CV formatting. We believe that if you do all these steps right, you will land yourself an interview for sure! After you write a few cover letters, it does get easier, too.

Good luck, although we’re sure that with a cover letter like yours you won’t need any.

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