Innovation against Ageism

If you’re over 40, in employment or seeking a job, you’ve probably already encountered some form of age discrimination in the recruiting, promotion or employee retention phases of your career.

Many international studies give us an idea of the gravity of a problem that is still far from being solved, despite the existence of specific anti-ageism laws in many countries. 

The supply of professionals in the market is high enough to allow many companies and recruitment agencies to direct their choices towards younger candidates, marginalising, at times inadvertently, people with greater expertise and more skills, but also of an older age. For many of those responsible for recruitment, Senior Professionals are incapable of working for younger people, lack energy, have enough money to be sufficiently motivated, are over-qualified, could have health problems, are no longer mentally flexible and, above all, are not open to change.

We know that these are all preconceptions, and we also know that they actually exist. So, should we just let our frustration get the better of us and resign ourselves to the idea that there are no longer any dignified, gratifying career prospects out there for us? Absolutely not. On the contrary, now it is time to embark upon the most exciting phase of our career.

Beating Age Discrimination: becoming our own bosses 

Firstly, let’s start from the fact that, for many professionals, the way they perceive their work is changing. If, up until a few years ago, freelance activity was almost exclusively the prerogative of creative professions, today, those who work as freelancers do so in a wide range of sectors and functions.

The Sales function, traditionally considered an in-house element, can - and must, in our opinion- follow this new trend. In the future, it would be good if Sales Professionals were to work increasingly more in small, dynamic businesses as self-entrepreneurs. The sooner they learn to reason and see themselves as self-entrepreneurs, the sooner they will be capable of pointing their career in the right direction, without succumbing to Age Discrimination.


The Go to Market Company against age discrimination 

And this is where we come in. The Go To Market Company is a new digital&social platform which, by putting companies and senior professionals into contact with one another, strives to sustain the transition towards a new forma mentis founded on the inclination to assume the entrepreneurial risk of a revenue-based income. We are no longer talking about an assessment based on Gross Annual Earnings but on the potential expressed by the target market in relation to the product/service that we are asked to sell.

And the IT sector, which is so full of start-ups established by young, rough diamonds, is the industry in greatest need of consolidated experience and networking, allowing Young Companies to cross the territorial borders and make their revenue explode. 

But this is a specific topic that we will discuss at a later date. Continue following us here.

Innovation against Ageism The go to Market Company