Job hunting at 50: how to start again from a new challenge

Finding ourselves seeking employment at the ripe old age of 50 years old is a complicated phase of anyone’s career, which also has inevitable negative repercussions on our personal life.

The question we usually ask ourselves in this situation is: Will I be able to adapt to the change? Well, here’s some good news for you: of course you will. Understanding how to start again from a new challenge is easier than you might think.

But first, we have more good news for you. There is no point feeling “old” at fifty, given that according to modern medicine you still have at least 30 to 40 years in front of you. With an advantage not to be sniffed at, because at your age you know yourself inside out and can identify the limits you need to stretch, so entering a mindset in which you welcome continuous training.

After all this good news, do you still have the nerve to get depressed? Instead, it’s time to get to work, transforming your search for employment at the age of 50 into an exciting, gratifying adventure, and discovering how innovation can truly help you tackle age discrimination.


The importance of contacts


Let’s start with what you’ve got. Because many years of career endow you with a series of skills which by now you have carefully cultivated and consolidated. These will definitely still prove very valuable.

And this is not the only ace up your sleeve. Now is the time to gradually dust down the wealth of networking contacts you have built up over the years, starting from those closest to you. Here technology can give you a hand: social media networks are useful tools that can help you to re-establish contact with the people you have worked with throughout your career.

You will realise that having even just 10 true friends constitutes a priceless wealth that can do so much for you.


The experience lacked by young minds


The world is full of twenty-five year-olds who are confident that they have a winning idea up their sleeves to make a crock of gold. They establish innovative start-ups in rapid growth industries such as Cyber Security, for them a unique opportunity for development.

They know that they need your experience in their target countries and markets, your familiarity with the ins and outs of local bureaucracy, the right contacts, such as the ideal buyers to approach. These are all essential characteristics which enable them to shorten the time to international revenues.

But you’re not so easy to find! And this is the reason why The Go To Market Company exists: it is a point of contact that helps start-ups develop, simultaneously giving your career the sharp new direction it needs.


Becoming your own boss


You’re the boss! Finding work at the age of 50 can evolve and become a fulfilling experience. Becoming your own boss, by expanding and promoting your experience and personal skills will finally mean that the sky’s the limit when it comes to your earnings, based on sharing revenues.

The Go To Market Company is the online platform which seeks to find the perfect matches between companies and senior sales professionals like you.

Join our network immediately, there are many companies that are looking for someone exactly like you!

Job hunting at 50: how to start again from a new challenge The go to Market Company