Meet Perennials

What does 'Perennials' mean?

Perennial means lasting, something that persists over time.

The term 'Perennials' was coined on 'The What' in 2016 by Gina Pell, a digital entrepreneur, to offer more inclusion embracing people of all ages with the same open-mindedness overcoming generational boundaries.

In fact 'Perennials' are not defined by their age or generation but by their aptitude, their features, curiosity, and personality.

Differently from Millennials, baby boomers, generation x, the Perennials are not categorized by their age. They haven't an "expiration", are not a generation, they are a mindset.


Perennials share the will to push up against their growing edge and to transform themselves and the world.

" don't have to be a number anymore. You're relevant. You're ever blooming. You're perennial."


This is also the philosophy of The Go To Market Company, there are no generational differences, just people experienced that wishing to share their experience.

We want to help Senior Professionals unleash their strengths in a different way. No longer as employees but as entrepreneurs who will help companies sell their products and solutions to their established network of customers and resellers.

At The Go to Market Company we strongly believe that talent, enthusiasm and energy never age.

To keep up with a world that goes fast, Senior Sales Professionals must enhance their personal Skills, Expertise, Intellect and Network as well as keep up-to-date on modern technologies and new scenarios.

Our mission is to help ourselves and others by our actions and words.

Categorization and stereotypes can be dangerous, a Perennial mindset allow you to over cross these limits.

There are no limits. You define your limits!

Being Perennials means exceeding your limits and finding a connection between you and the world.

Gina's suggestion is:

 "Activate your curiosity and make it a productive curiosity."

How Perennials are?


Perennials are creative and open to novelty.

They are curious and passionate.

They are mentors and self-confident,

They are collaborative.

They are strong and determined even without the technology benefits.

They see their goals clearly.

They can cross over different age groups and can relate to everybody.


If you feel a Perennial and you experienced in IT or Digital Sales, Join The Go To Market Company network!

The Go To Market Company is the first professional network dedicated to senior sales.

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