Social Personal Branding, how to improve your presence on the web

It’s been the subject on everyone’s lips for years now as a decisive launching pad for your career. Personal Branding is the art of presenting yourself in the very best way, by effectively promoting your personality and personal skills. Catherine Kaputa, leading expert in Personal Branding defines the concept as follows:

It is finding what is different, relevant and special about you, in order to share it with others.

Although until a few years ago this theme was “confined” to the offline world, in the web 2.0 things have changed and Social Personal Branding has gradually made its mark. Understanding how to improve your online presence has become an essential requirement for everyone: the first business card people consult is what Internet, Google and the social media say about us. And indeed, have you ever tried googling yourself?

Senior sales professionals are no exception. By learning to master technology, they can make the most of an additional opportunity: that of overcoming age discrimination. But how should senior sales professionals behave on the social networks?


Social Personal Branding in 3 easy steps


Build your audience. Your personal connections are your most valuable asset. This means that interacting publicly online with figures who have a good name in your industry can also do wonders for your own reputation.

The social media are an ideal tool that can also be used to contact the hordes of old friends you have made throughout your career. Re-establishing contact with them is not only useful for the personal branding strategy, but also for your sales activity.

Observe others. There is always something to be learned, especially from the pick of the bunch. What do other professionals like you do in your same field of work? What do they post? How do they interact with others? What are their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles like?

Find your own unique style. Once you have understood how the others move, don’t forget to just be yourself. Your style and uniqueness are the key elements you need to present yourself as effectively as possible. Gary Vaynerchuk built his brand by making videos with reviews and tips about wines, the family business. Back then nobody else did this but today many people the world over aspire to follow in his footsteps.


Social selling


Putting these 3 tips into practice is also good for your work: using social media consistently and intelligently is not only fundamental for personal branding, but also for B2B Sales.

The main skills requested of sales professionals up until now were the ability to sell and communicate, emotional intelligence and an aptitude for team work and problem-solving. As confirmed by the speeches delivered by authoritative sales experts at the Social Selling Forum in Paris, it’s about time that list was updated. For example: create value before you take value.

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Social Personal Branding, how to improve your presence on the web The go to Market Company