The Digital Box - The Mobile Customer Journey

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to have all your marketing tools in one place and be able to manage them with ease?

Well look no further, we have essentially managed to create an entire marketing department in one platform!

-  Simple creation of mobile marketing campaigns
-  Multichannel distribution
-  In-depth analytics 
-  ChatBot creation, distribution, and analytics
-  Social media content planner and analytical reports
-  Lead Scoring - mapping the customer journey
-  Precise targeting
-  Integrated Facebook ads & Google Adwords

With a world obsessed with micro-moments that can happen anytime, anywhere, customers expect brands to address their needs with real-time relevance. With the help of ADA, brands will be able to respond with personalised experiences and interactions.

With ADA the Most Innovative and Integrated Mobile Engagement Automation Platform 
we' ve made setting up campaigns a breeze

ADA's simple to use structure with guided steps helps you set up your campaigns in minutes, no need to fuss over complex options we've simplified the process! You can control how much you want to spend, who you want to target and preview what your campaign looks like before activating it. 

You can also integrate ADA's other tools (Landing Page, StoryTelling and ChatBot) into Google web pages and Facebook Ads to generate measurable conversions thanks to the CTA system.

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