The Go To Market Company and SkillDynamics

The Go To Market Company and SkillDynamics join forces to deliver first class Sales and Leadership development to Senior Professionals and Companies who have signed up to the TGTMC Network.

Danilo Rivalta, CEO of TGTMC says "that the Business To Business Sales cycle and environment is rapidly changing and the golden rules that have helped Sales Professionals to be successful in the past no longer apply". Sergio Balzani, Founder of SkillDynamics adds that "change is the only certainty we have today. This is why at SkillDynamivìcs we have developed solutions to help improve personal, professionals and organization performance in an envolving environment".

With a wide range of already tested development journeys, SkillDynamics, with some input from The Go To Market Company, has develop a clever an easy to use Assessment for Sales Professionals. 

The App  called "SA6" identifies 6 key performance areas. Each of this area has a level of depth that will be self assessed through a guided questionnaire at the end of which the Sales Professionals will be provided with a clear picture of were she/he stands as Sales Professional.

The Self Assessment Tool SA6 is absolutly free of charge. This is only one of the many initiatives that will be launched this autumn 2017.

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The Go To Market Company and SkillDynamics The go to Market Company