These 20 Great Free Sales Tools Will Help You Sell More

Don’t you just love today’s technology, making literally everything easier? We absolutely do, especially because knowing the right tools can really help when you’re trying to become a better salesperson.


You’d think that tools that can help your business grow and potentially make you earn more money would always be on the pricey side - but there are free sales tools out there that will make you feel pretty amazed that no one told you about them before.


There tools are designed to make their very stressful job a lot easier by automating some of the boring repetitive tasks that cost literally zero bucks and can help you generate new leads or at least free up some time for you to do important things or relax with a cup of coffee so that you get some peace and quiet. Sometimes it’s peace and quiet that we need to actually achieve more.


We’ve rounded up some of the best things to help you become a better salesperson without investing ANY money at all. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true - check out the top sales tools that you need to start using today!


5 Free B2B Sales Tools


We know how stressful B2B sales can be, but fortunately, there are some free tools that will make any B2B sales reps lives easier.




You know how boring it can be to prepare for a call you need to make and how much tedious work goes into doing your research into the preparation? Well, the Charlie App does all that prepping for you! Just download it and you’ll get all the info Charlie finds through Social Media (Twitter, Facebook etc), websites, blogs minutes before your meeting or call. Whether you need info about a person or news about the company - Charlie will do all your research for you! Definitely one of the best sales tools for sales reps.




A great tool for IT sales professionals. This website can really help you if you’re in a software B2B sales company. BuiltWith shows you what technologies a website is using so that you can see what your competitor is using or whether your client isn’t using the technologies you’re selling - yet. Such info will really help you going into a meeting with a potential prospect!




This cool Google Chrome extension can really be useful for B2B sales reps. It helps you capture leads anywhere and then imports them into your CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Zoho, and many other tracking systems. This Google Chrome extension will capture leads on a web page or on a company website, in Google search results, on social media - really helpful!



If you want to know some insight about a company so that you can offer a good solution/product, Owler is the place for you. Owler will tell you estimated revenue or employee count of a company and you will receive info on the latest important scoop like funding and acquisition. Start using this today!




Find out what tech solution a company is using or find out which companies are using a particular tech solution! This way, if you’re an IT sales rep, you’ll know what to offer. Siftery recently started offering SaaS automatic tracking as well. Definitely try it!


5 Free Sales Prospecting Tools


Prospecting is for sure one of the most important processes that a sales rep goes through if he wants to make a sale (and obviously we all do), but there are only 24 hours in a day. Thankfully, now there are some great free tools to help you with it and we chose five of them that we found the most helpful. We skipped the obvious choices like LinkedIn because we know you’re already using them.




This online database of companies is something we can’t live without. It is the best source of company information you can possibly find - data like funding, year of establishment, category, and structure is there for you anytime you need it.




Social Media is so important nowadays, especially for prospecting, but people have started cramming information and it has become really hard to find what you need quickly. is a Google Chrome Extension that extracts the contacts details from Twitter, Gmail, and shows it in a toolbar. It also integrates different networks, so you’ll be able to see someone’s tweets or mutual contacts in Gmail.




If you sometimes struggle getting contacts and we all do, ContactOut can really help you. This Google Chrome extension extracts phone numbers with an amazing 97% accuracy! One-third of Fortune 500 companies use ContactOut and all the info is triple verified. They also provide emails.




Having troubles booking a meeting? will help you by making sure you don’t double book, it knows your most common meeting locations and availability and it allows recipients to schedule with one click. Another cool feature? It automatically detects yours and your clients timezone, converts it and then decides on a good meeting hour that works for both!




Another great prospecting tool, GetProspect is an email finder that essentially helps you get leads through LinkedIn. The Google Extension has some stellar reviews and seems to be really easy to use. It doesn’t get you the phone numbers, though, but it’s still a great tool to build leads and get corporate emails.


5 Sales Management Tools


How you manage your pipeline and CRM (among an extensive list of other things) can really make or break your sales. If you really want to crush your targets, you need to manage sales well, but that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, there is some sales management software that will make that task easier - for FREE.




A really cool tool for entrepreneurs or small businesses to use, Agile CRM will help you so much with thing like mass emailing, campaigns appeal, marketing automation, and web engagement. They also offer features like analytics, integrations, meeting scheduling and one-click calling. We can’t say enough about Agile CRM, you really have to try it yourself. Some did complain about their mobile experience, but we still find it to be an amazing one-click fix for so many problems.




This awesome, free network will help you organize and track any interaction with existing and potential clients. Bitrix is a free cloud CRM, collaboration and project management platform. Actually, they also have a self-hosted version available and it’s fully customizable. For bigger businesses (more than 12 in a team) they have versions that aren’t free, but are still pretty affordable! They offer sales funnel and reporting, invoicing, sales team management and many other cool features.




HubSpot offers a free CRM software for small businesses that will help you organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. HubSpot’s CRM can help you manage your pipeline and free up some time and that’s something sales people really need. It automates the tasks salespeople always find boring or even tedious. It also tracks customer interactions automatically and allows you to see everything about a lead in one place. Pretty neat!




Although you’ll hardly find something better than HubSpot CRM or Agile, if you’re into experimenting - there’s FreshSales. It’s free to get started and great if you’re already using FreshSpace. FreshSales offers great services for small companies or startups like an unlimited number of users, contact base, storage, lead capturing and automatic phone number importing.




Free for up to 10 users and 25k data entries, which is still pretty cool, Zoho is a tried and tested solution that won’t fail you. It helps so much with writing presentations and proposals and other sometimes time consuming tasks! It’s a customizable CRM and they have apps available for iOS, Android and web and they all work great1


Free Sales Email Tools


Emailing can really help you generate more leads if done properly, but it can be really time-consuming. Thankfully now there are cool, free sales email tools that can help you, but please remember to use emailing wisely - spamming never helped anyone.



Rebump can help you automate your follow up emails sending a nice, friendly follow up is so important for your customers’ satisfaction! The emails are fully customizable so that it seems you’ve sent them yourself! Install the Rebump extension to your browser and enjoy some downtime!




If you need a great, free mass emailing tool, TinyLetter is a great choice. It will help you send cool newsletters. You can make a form for people to sign up for your newsletter and make a custom, branded background. Easy and dependable!




Benchmark is a beautiful, easy to use app that will help you reach more for sure. You can even design your emails in their editor and make them as pretty as if you paid someone to do it for you. We absolutely love that this app will help your emails get read by more people by even translating your email footer to several available languages.




Free for 6 emails sent a month to 2000 people, MailChimp can even turn a picture into an email newsletter or send you a notification when important clients read your email. It can even design emails and add people to lists or add coupons to your emails that can be scanned in your store.




If you’re using email for business, you should only have to worry about whether the content is interesting and looks natural enough to be marked as spam. Unfortunately, you also have to think of other things, like how your HTML mail will look in someone’s inbox, among other things. For that, you have Putsmail. It allows you to test your campaigns before it’s too late and that’s always a great thing.


We hope you start using one of these cool, free tools that will not only save you time and money but will hopefully help you earn and achieve more.


If you find software tools fascinating, maybe you could even try selling them? The world of tech sales is blooming!


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