Top 10 Sales Forecasting Software

As technology is moving forward, we are offered more and more solutions that maybe seemed incredible not so long ago but are now readily available to facilitate our lives in so many ways.

A great example is sales forecasting software. Imagine being able to predict sales and revenue your company can achieve in the near future, no crystal balls, tarot or zodiac involved? It might sound crazy, but you can, with a little help from technology.


So what is a sales forecasting software?


It is software that calculates the sales and revenue that your business can achieve over the next few years. Sales forecasts are usually done by following the results monthly for the first year - using that data, simple annual predictions for the following 2-4 years are calculated.

Usually, most businesses make an initial sales forecast at the start of their fiscal year and then revise the forecast every month or every three months.
A sales forecast is a crucial component of a business plan and you can find two kinds of it - qualitative and informative forecasting, with most companies opting to use both of them.

Qualitative or informal forecasting is used when companies are starting on a new market or innovating in a new field, while informative or formal forecasting or quantitative forecasting, when there is historical data available that can help predict sales trends and future sales numbers.

Qualitative forecasting is done when there is no buyer behavior data, revenue and sales process isn’t available, so surveys done by field experts, where potential customers are asked for opinions, interests and future buying intentions. It’s easy to conclude that therefore qualitative sales forecasts are more intuitive and less certain than forecasts that are based on historical sales data. They are used as more of a guideline rather than a firm prediction.

Quantitative forecasting is the safer option since it uses factors like previous sales volume, gross national product, market conditions such as disposable income, total number of potential buyers. How certain a prediction is depends on whether demand for the product and sales efforts are stable and predictable. One could then conclude that the more certain the data, the more certain the results. The formula for forecasting future sales usually includes:

  • correlation analysis

  • market factor indexing

  • the chain ratio method

  • the total market demand technique

  • the market build-up approach

  • time series projections.

Now, more and more sales forecasting software are available, with the most popular being Aviso, but in this article, we will offer reviews of alternatives as well, that offer sales forecast online or maybe even offer demand planning or budget tools. Using this cool new tool can really help sales professionals and we have chosen 10 best options.



An incredible mix of CRM integration, big data, AI and machine learning algorithms, their platform gathers, analyzes and delivers the critical information to CROs, Sales Operations Leaders, Sales Managers, and Sales representatives need. Aviso’s data store has real-time and historical data from customer relationship management, finance systems, and external sources. Aviso also offers several great tools on their website, such as deal preview or zero prep deal reviews. Aviso was made to deliver real-time data and insights to sales executives and operations leaders - that can help better understand and control result while having more information to make wiser decisions. The predictions are done through analysis of sales and pipeline performance based on eight historical quarters and real-time CRM data.


  • STARTING PRICE: around 75 USD per user, monthly


  • INTEGRATION WITH CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics

  • FREE TRIAL: 30 days





Zoho offers revenue forecasting, using factors such as pipeline deals, quotas achieved during the previous fiscal year and individuals or teams working on reaching a target. You can track the performance by breaking down forecasts by team, individual or territory. But, sales forecasting isn’t the only thing you’ll find on Zoho. They are an international business software development company, focusing on web tools and IT solutions, such as office tools suite, management platform, and various IT management software. Founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in Pleasanton, California, they now even offer services ranging from artificial intelligence to a good old Zoho email.


STARTING PRICE: 12 USD for a standard packet
INTEGRATION WITH CRM: Oracle, Sap, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce

FREE TRIAL: 15 days




If you’re interested in cutting edge technology analysis, this is your spot. As they proudly point out on their website, ProsperWorks is the only CRM built, used and recommended by Google. They promise to deliver real-time and real-world analytics that allow real insight into your data and are easy to use and integrate with a variety Google’s G Suite apps such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar, Sheets etc.- and synchronize with systems you’ve been using so far. Provide robust visuals for creating customized and detailed reports, charts, and graphs
ProsperWorks provides visuals that help create easy to understand reports, charts, and graph.


INTEGRATION WITH CRM: Oracle, Sap, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce
FREE TRIAL: 14 days





Slickpie is essentially a great accounting tool for small businesses and they cover all the basic needs a startup or micro business might have, including sales forecasting. For established enterprise, they advise you to use legacy software like QuickBooks Online and Xero. It’s free to use and they offer online invoicing and billing, multi-currency, bank reconciliation quotes and estimates, financial reports and you can also track your expenses, manage your sales tax and do many other useful things. It offers some basic sales forecasting features, definitely not as in-depth as Zoho or Aviso, but Slickpie is free to use! So, if you’re just starting a business or maybe even working freelance, it doesn’t get much better than this completely free accounting software.


INTEGRATION WITH CRMs Oracle, Sap, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce
FREE TRIAL: all features are free





Vanguard promises to help you make more informed decisions and best use your resources to improve financial performance, human capital management, marketing allocations, production management, sales, and operations planning.

They offer state of the art sales forecasting that predicts demand so you can better production scheduling, manage inventory and financial planning as well as logistics. You can use it alone or integrate it with your already existing ERP system. It’s easy to use thanks to their great interface, so we definitely advise you to give it a go!


STARTING PRICE: Not available
INTEGRATION WITH CRM: Highly integratable
FREE TRIAL: You can request a demo





Linking your ERP with an APS can be a very costly adventure, considering budgets, investments like licenses and interfacing costs etc, which is why most companies resort to Excel, creating data that isn’t really compatible. Formatting, comparing and transforming become a huge hassle.

Colibri’s main goal is to give you a better tool, even with a small budget, so that you could collaboratively make accurate sales forecasts. On their website, they promise that their software is accessible for all budgets, helps best business practices, is collaborative, intuitive and easy to use, allows mobility and is kind of a jump & start ordeal.

It’s a great supply chain management tool that helps manage sales forecasting and helps you plan the distribution and the replenishment. Completely collaborative, hosted in the Azure Cloud, it can be implemented in no time and with a small budget.

We would say it’s a good solution for a larger company, but not so great for those just starting up. You can check out their video here if you want more info.


STARTING PRICE: available upon request
INTEGRATION WITH CRM: integratable with most CRMs
FREE TRIAL: available upon request





Need a powerful, but easy to use demand planning solution? Demand Solution Forecasting is good solution and it will work for any industry and the deployment takes very little time. They also want to provide their services for companies with different budgets, but we resent that they didn’t post a starting price. The company Demand Solutions was founded in 1985!


STARTING PRICE: Not available
INTEGRATION WITH CRMs: integratable with most CRMs
FREE TRIAL: You can request a demo





A customizable CRM platform that grows with your company, Salesforce is a real safe bet when it comes to sales forecasting softwares. They offer very comprehensive forecasts that enable you to grow your business and track your top performers. It even works if you have complex sales teams, since it can credit overlays by contract value or revenue. As you probably know, SalesForce does much more than sales forecasting. They are the most popular CRM platform and they cater to everyone from large businesses to startups and even nonprofits. Make sure to check out their website.

STARTING PRICE: 25 EUR/billed annually
FREE TRIAL: 30 days




The math behind sales forecasts InsightSquared delivers takes into account things such as previous patterns and present sales pipeline to average deal size, past rep performance and more.

No numbers left for you to handle manually, which will give you the time to use the analytics to skyrocket your sales productivity and make more informed business decisions.


STARTING PRICE: available upon request
INTEGRATION WITH CRM: primarily Salesforce, but works with SAP and Oracle as well
FREE TRIAL: 7 days





Other than offering what seems to be a very standard, but dependable sales forecasting software, Salesmate also offers many other useful services that are sales related. We found the interface to be very easy to use and great for small and medium companies starting out! Quick, easy and provides all the necessary support. They got pretty good reviews, too!


FREE TRIAL: 15 days

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