Why you should choose sales as a service

Today, deciding whether to create a direct sales force or activate an external service is a real possibility.

As a matter of fact, the number of companies that are deciding to externalise their sales activities, at least partially, at a certain point in time has increased considerably. This kind of situation can occur, for example, when a company seeks to expand its portfolio of products and services, but in doing so, risks overloading its in-house team.

Let’s try and put our heads together to understand when and why you should choose sales as a service so that we can make decisions with the utmost care and consideration.


When you need sales as a service


Building a reliable, qualified sales team in different markets, with various languages and cultures, is a process that requires a certain period of time, access to large resources and a certain skill.

In the business world, sometimes losing favourable opportunities due to our inability to grasp them at the right time means losing ground to our competitors, perhaps in particularly competitive sectors, as we have seen in the field of the digital companies active in Cyber Security.

Sales as a service enables us to accelerate the rate at which our sales volume grows and, therefore ensures that we develop rapidly. A particularly pressing need for companies, such as start-ups, which need to reduce the time to revenues.


Why you need sales as a service


You may already have understood why externalising this activity represents an interesting alternative for your company.

In the meantime, it gives you the opportunity to implement an exceptional workforce, reducing the resources needed to build a top quality internal team, both in terms of time and money.

This type of solution also enables you to optimise your time by testing various models. In this way you can quickly see what works in your sales process, and even test a new market before increasing your staff. 

Additionally, using sales as a service allows your team to concentrate on all the other activities which are essential for your company as it pursues its development.


How The Go To Market Company can help you


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Why you should choose sales as a service The go to Market Company